Together, we'll pick a favorite song from you, work on a storyboard, find dance moves for the dance scenes, film, cut the movie, and add all together to create your very own DanceMusicVideo.
It would be fantastic if you tell me in advance your favorite song. Simply short title and artist by mail to: litiensemble (at) THANK YOU!
(At) = @


Linda Maria Tinsobin

Linda Maria Tinsobin has been teaching and danced (on stage) different dance styles for over 15years. In particular, the health-preserving and health-promoting aspect of movement and dance is one of her favorite fields of research. Whereby she means physical, as well as psychological and, above all, emotional health. "It's all interwoven." Her research is accompanied by a curiosity for a mindful language, attentive listening and conscious observation. The love of curious, value-free encounters at eye level shows up in her creative projects with people of all ages.
Dancer | Choreographer | freelanced Artist | AwakenBody and BeHold accompaniment | Malspiel server with training at Arno Stern | Dipl. Aviva-Method Trainer | Advisor for natural baby care - "conscious parents-conscious children" | 2 times mother | life-researcher.