Kabiro Scheller & Daniel Werner : "Liquid Gravity – Center into Flow & Contact-Skills" - from water to land

In this intensive we will explore our inner states of motion in water (in a swimmingpool), on earth and in space.
We will focus on different qualities in our body and our presence takes us deeper into our own movement and the contact dance with others.
What is moving me? The liquid quality of water & blood... stabilty of the bones... release of the muscles... the heartbeat... the breath... the soul... the moment of improvisation in this unique meeting??

The quality of water will remind us about the fluids in our body and supports us in the experience to “be carried” in an ocean of abundant movement possibilities.
Then on land, how does this quality feel like in a effortless contact dance...?
Furthermore we explore how fascia as an internal elastic network builds a bridge for the transition from water to land

And through more body awareness & relaxation in bodywork and basic contact-principles we invite you to find new movement possibilities & pathways to enrichen your contact-dance.

Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner studied Dance, Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering and other Somatic Methods and Practises with various teachers, and works internationally in this field since ´97 as a dancer, teacher and director. He graduated in contemporary dance at the North Karelia College in Finland. Furthermore he is a teacher for Qigong and Tai Chi in the line of Master Mantak Chia.

Also he is involved in the following projects: 


Kabiro Eva Scheller

Kabiro Eva Scheller is dancing contac timprovisation since 1994 with a lot of different teachers from USA.
She is teaching contact & dance-improvisation since 2001, Hawaiian bodywork and body awareness.
She also acts as a festival organizer & initiator of the Oster-Impro-Festival & the Healing Heart Festival (both in Germans) & the Aloha Travel Festival (Hawaii).
She is a full-hearted dancer, body worker, teacher and counsellor.


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