17. International EasterImproFestival Göttingen

Pre-workshops 16.-18.4.2019
Festival 18.-22.4.2019

Welcome to EasterImproFestival !!!

This festival creates a unique platform for experiencing and experimenting, for teaching and learning, for exchanging and coming together. In intensives, workshops, labs, single lessons, spaces to perform, a room for silence and bodywork, different jams and special events, this festival offers spaces, where different artistic potentials can meet in an alchemist process...




Aude Fondard & Jo Bruhn - Listening bodies
Babett Kaluza - The magic of breath in dance
Benno Enderlein - Ci Tango Warmup
Inge Wöllhaf - Kinderworkshop - Firedancing
Irina Trippel - Authentic Relating in Contact Improvisation
Irina Trippel - Water Contact Jam
Jo Bruhn - Contact Improvisation: „Lifting and flying“
Jori Snell - Sensing the Dance
Kabiro Scheller & Daniel Werner - „Liquid Motion“ in warm water
Linda Maria Tinsobin - Dancing colors - colorful traces
Linda Maria Tinsobin - für Jugendliche: DanceMusicVideoMakers
Mara & Rudi Natterer - Dance like everyone’s watching
Marielle Gerke - Experiental Anatomy into Contact Improvisation „Falling Starfish“


Kids & Teenager Workshops:

Linda Maria Tinsobin - for youth: DanceMusicVideoMakers