Trance dance is a ritual of * old time *, in which you listen to what's stirring in you and express it in a playful way in motion & dance.
In a safe frame, the trance music and blindfolded invite you to immerse yourself in a journey within yourself.
At the beginning there is the frame information in the circle  (arrive on time, because you can not join later!),
Please bring blindfold (scarf) and blanket.


Taro Tikitiki

Since the year 2000 integrated dance conductor (certificate CITA Munich), dancers and musicians on many jams and festivals,
Co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen Ritual, Rumble in the Jungle (Dance & Music ImproJam), ContacTango Improvisation in the Lachdach-Pling and ResonanceDanceCelebrations, member of the Soundmover Performance-group.

The music, dance and movement improvisation, is the leitmotif in my world of experience, on which I am experiencing the existence fresh and astonishing.