Vanessa Briel - Action painting on widespread canvas

In this workshop we will work with the technics of Action painting which was widespread from the 1940s until the early 1960s, and is closely associated with abstract expressionism ( or is also sometimes called "gestural abstraction". It is a style of painting ( in which paint is spontaneously dribbled, splashed or smeared onto the canvas, rather than being carefully applied.( The resulting work often emphasizes the physical act of painting itself as an essential aspect of the finished work or concern of its artist.
Different to the original method of Action Painting i will also work on the compositon and the combination of dancing and painting. ……
I invite you to an experimental journey with paints and colours, dive into a world of dancing your picture, let brushes be extensions of your arms , the stroke is just the outcome of the entire body, dare to spill and waste paint, feel it arise under your feet between your fingers, shake, drop, splash, sprinkel..................... express yourself....................
no longer focusing on only the outcome but let the process be the artwork.... *…bring old cloths…*

Vanessa Briel

Vanessa Briel is working as a fashion artist/designer and circus educator for kids in Berlin right now. Painting since 20 years now herself she has been working with al kinds of material and technics, like oil, acrylics, serigraphy, aquarell, sketching and also does sculptures with clay and waste. Beside exhebitions she has done projekts with painting and dancing, bodypainting and performance, physical theater as well as illustrating lyrics.
Since she started dancing contact improvisation in 2009, she is also interested in painting in motion.
Between 2004-2009 she studied pedagogy, grafiks and painting in Marburg and organized Multiartistic Festivals, being appropriate for the section of fine arts and exhibition.