Integrative bodywork & improvisation/composition
based on body mind centering/bmc and authentic movement

In these short classes you will get a taste of three wonderful disciplines. We will start with a warm up by remembering and practicing the developmental patterns on the floor and connect with our mind of being and doing. In working with partners we will stimulate movements and practice the art of touch. The developmental patterns once been practiced long enough, they are a strong support for our future movements. There is a connection between heart, eyes and hands which shows how we reach out into the world. In Authentic Movement we will perceive how our internal source brings us into movement and will be seen by a witness. The attitude of the witness towards the mover is nurturing and protective; the witness honors the mover's dependency on her and understands its value. They will share the process by talking, which clarifies and slowly organizes the material. With the support of BMC and Authentic Movement we will create Instant Compositions, which come from deeper Body Levels and create a Consciousness about how we are in space and in relationship to others.  


Ula Corn, Berlin/Menorca

It is not easy to make it short after a practice of 30 years of teaching and making art. I studied Art at Universität der Künste Berlin. Between my first and second Examination I became an actor with emphasis on movement, mime, dance & acrobatics. I am a founder of the Göttinger Kindertheaterfestival and I created Festivals for Improvisation in Music and Dance. I acted for children and adults. In the 80th I started studying in Spain with Nancy Stark Smith and Julyen Hamilton and many other beautiful teacher. They nurtured my appetite for Improvisation and I became first a Teacher for Contact and later a Teacher for Improvisation. I dedicated myself totally into Improvisation with my artistic work and teaching. I worked in different International Companies and created Solo works. I have been studying and practicing Martial Arts, Yoga and different kinds of Bodywork. But the most imprint I got with BMC and Linda Hartley. With her I became an Integrative Body Worker. Since 2004 I live and work in Spain and Berlin, Menorca has become my heart home. When I moved to spain I got passionate about Nature. I love to unify with Nature. A natural Environment has become the strongest stimulation beside my curiosity and playfulness. I work with Video and Photography and since some years I improvise at the piano.