The magic gifts of spontaneous music improvisation

This workshop is for anybody who knows or has a glimpse of the magic gifts of spontaneous music improvisation: leaving written notes and preset structures behind – opening up to a deeply creative process, letting music happen out of consciousness in the moment..

We will experiment with some of the following issues:

  • Listening - the key to the creative source in us.
  • Playing without knowing – music out of stillness.
  • Dissolving ‘you’ and ‘me’ – diving into the flow of music together with other musicians:
  • Rhythm - the root of connection in yourself and with others.
  • The courage to do it wrong – playing by following your own impulses.
  • Fear, shame and insecurity pointing you back to your living presence.

To participate in this workshop you need at least a little experience which you have made with any instrument our your voice before. It is not suitable for people who want to explore making music together for the very first time.

Shakya Matthias Grahe

Shakya Matthias Grahe plays violoncello, dilruba, guitar, keyboard, percussion and voice. He has given countless concerts in classical ensembles, pop rock bands and Latin groups, providing live accompaniment for silent movies, meditations, dance and healing events. He has also appeared as a guest musician on many CDs. He is a workshop leader, business economist and co-founder of a spiritual commune in Bonn (Germany) and is trained in various massages