Lella-elayla Heindl - Colour up your dance

This workshop is about the joining of Contact Improvisation, bodywork and artistic expression (such as painting or plasticising) in a playful, artistic and sensual way.

The sensitisation of the senses, the honest feeling of our own emotions and the mindful listening to our dance partners have priority here, as does the transfer of our impressions to an artistic medium, e.g. paper or clay. We allow ourselves to open up to the interplay between movement and creative expression in a medium. We sense whatever it is that wants to manifest itself in this way. We try to sense the resonance that is created through the encounter and touch with a partner and we let this resonance express itself.
Thus, we gain the possibility to pause and listen closely to what is inside us. Starting from this innermost space, we can approach the “You” again and come into contact once more.

Lella-elayla Heindl (*1970)

Influences on dance

Interest in energetic processes in and around the body, interest in Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Reiki, bodywork, massage, intuitively healing bodywork, Authentic Movement, mindfulness in thoughts, words and deeds, conscious being, exploration of the energetic and therapeutic influences of CI on human beings

Inspired by

Qi Gong, Yoga teacher training, training in multimedia art therapy, teachers training in holistic dance and movement pedagogy, Quanta healing, light meditations, Flower of Life

Contact Improvisation, free expressive dance and performative improvisation since 1987
Workshop organiser and teacher  

Her website: www.lella.at