Karunesh - „We shall lift each other, higher and higher!“

Flying and landing joyful and save in Contact.

Proven ways and principles of lifting and landing.
To be lifted physically mostly elevates our inner state too.
We experiencing that joy and flow and at the same time we are practicing being aware and respectful with boundaries.
Little by little our circle of possibilitys is expanding.
Listening with our body ist the key element for joyful and easy rides on the wave of momentumflow. As also recognising possibilitys and offers to fly. As preparation we will keep our attention on what we need to land softly at any time. That includes practicing the special art of support from the lifting partner.
All levels.
Enjoy the trip!


I am in love with Contact since about 2 decades.
Teachers on my way: All the dancers i danced with on jams, festivals and workshops.
The most famous is probably Nancy Stark Smith. Meaningful was also Martin Koegh and Scott Wells. Recently i enjoyed the Workshops and to dance with Leilani Weiss, Mirva Mäkinnen and Heike Pourian.
My first own Weekendworkshop i gave 1998.
Tango Argentino and Salsa belong to the dances i danced and teached intensely
over years.
As well as my experience from my breathingtherapy-education and my spiritual background flows in.
Contact improvisation is for me a way to experience the wisdom of the body thats beyond the body.