Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton - Embodied Presence

Invites You
• To rediscover the physical and emotional intelligence and capacity you were born with.
• To journey close to yourself. To relax into who you really are, and to open into life offering your true gifts out into the world.
• As you increasingly meet yourself, you may find a capacity to meet nature and each other in a new way.
A sense of intimacy with one’s self and our environment begins to arise.
• If we can learn to truly listen, to the mystery of the ground beneath us, to ourselves and to life. We tune in to radio station ‘Here and Now’. Allowing this listening to guide us, in our life choices, moment to moment.

Proposal 1: Animal Body

When I dance, I find moments when my instincts take over. In these moments I discover a vibrancy and a sheer physicality that can be absent at other times. By waking up to my instincts I find new movement potential and an enlivening interest in the dance. Movement, I would never thought of making come through as does a committed quality.
This work is grounded in evolutionary developmental patterns that exist in your body.
We will spend time sensitising ourselves to our natural instincts waking up the animal body and from here we will explore touch, weight and communication with each other.
• Discovering the power within muscle, bone, blood.
• Learning to to trust our animal knowing.
• Inquiry into the nature of embodiment.
• Welcoming Freshness and spontaneity, dancing outside the box.

Proposal 2: Heartful Animal

This class is an invitation to move from our animal body including our passionate heart. It is an opportunity to dance close to ourselves and close to each other. We invite you to bring your curiosity and interest in your partners and the shared space. Come ready to move your body and your feelings. Within this we will include movement with openings for expressing our feelings and sensations; that which we do want and that which we don't plus the space in between.
This class will include explorations into:
• Instinctual Body (Evolutionary Developmental Movement Patterns).
• Physical movement exploration of our heart.
• Heart Inquiries that include movement and clear spoken communication.
• Developing both compassionate awareness and heart full connection for ourselves and each other.
• Developing a very real understanding of our needs and limits and how to meet them.
• The possibility of living simply and clearly, with truth and integrity.
Sessions Length 120 minutes and will include amplified music.


I love to move, to inspire creativity through dance and connection. I guide classes in Movement, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Yoga and perform professionally with the Touch Down Dance Company. Now I am weaving these practices and principles of embodiment into my own work.
This Is It: Waking Up in the Body, Finding Our Source, Discovering Support, Listening to our Heart and resting into Silence. This is what I offer you.
Unusually, my path has been defined by a congenital eye condition - I almost lost my sight 10 years ago. Six operations on, my sight is improving. I have found ways to transform my wounding into a unique gift. My life is not what it would have been without my eye condition, many doors initially shut, while others opened. Along my journey, I have had the good fortune to work with many gifted teachers principally Adam Bradpiece who’s work, underscores my teaching.


I suppose you could say at the heart of it all I am a dancer. It seems my body was born to move. My softness, my passion, my sadness, my rage, my sensuousness, my sense of chaos all come through when I dance. This is where more than anywhere else I can be close to myself and have the capacity to touch life with freshness.
My passion for dance and in particular the drive to be as authentic in each moment as possible has led me from 5 Rhythms to Contact Improvisation and latterly into a practice of Non-Stylised movement based on the teachings of Helen Poyner.
This has led me to co-design a series of classes and workshops that interweave the teachings of fundamental movement, contact improvisation and presence based on the Movement of Being (Devon) teachings.
Dance for me is a metaphor for life. How can I really meet myself? How can I truly be here in this moment to experience life and meet you? This is what fascinates me. Movement offers the opportunity to ask these questions, with the potential to experience depth and understanding.
I offer a space for this exploration.

More info: www.embodiedpresence.co.uk