Elske Seidel - Between Earth and Sky
Contact Improvisation

An exploration of how to fall together, moving through space together through all levels - between earth and sky - sharing one common center of weight. Trusting each other, relying on one another, we begin to take risks, asking for support, offering support.
We will discover freedom in 3-dimensional movement, experiencing a state of readiness for what is happening now. We play, meet and fly – in body and mind – opening possibilities and expanding our understanding of movement choices in contact.

Elske Seidel

Elske Seidel, based in Berlin, is a passionate CI dancer & teacher, deeply committed to CI and its community internationally. She has been teaching dance full time and wholeheartedly for over 19 years, CI since 2004. In her teaching she is interested in ‘opening spaces where dance in all its magic and play can happen’.
She likes to create CI projects that bring the studio focus outside into nature and into the experience. She enjoys gathering community merging life and dance together. She has taught CI in Europe, Canada, the U.S., Argentina, Israel and Russia and is now invited to the Contact Festival Tokyo.
Some of her projects are: Annual Contact Festival Fuerteventura, Summer Contact Sylt, Contact Saturday Berlin, Berlin Weekend Jam and North Sea CI Camp.