Music by Carola Fürbaß

Carola loves it to improvise, she is singing, performing, playing guitar and other instruments. Especially delicious and attractive for her is the interplay between musicians and audience or musicians and dancers.
So, often where she turnes up, a shared space of playing/singing/dancing together is evolving.
With the music coming through Carola Fürbaß she conjures up a smile into the hearts, what you can also feel on her CD Majela (2012).

Tongala Workshop "Let me hear your body sing!"

Connect with your creative-healing source and make use of it!

Play and improvise!
Dancing and Singing inter-weave and inpire each other.
We expirience being music and letting our body dance itself.

Singing „free from the liver“ (german saying), out of your guts, from your heart. Singing deeply connected with yourself and the group. Let me hear your body sing!

Off and on we go in silence together and listen to our inner voice, the resonance and the stillness in us.

Quote Carola: „Dance and Singing are the archetypical form of self healing and  are the bridge between the spiritual and worldy realm. From my expirience  I have learned, that ALL PEOPLE- most of them very quickly- gain access to this healing art, eventhough many have forgotten about it.

My job and gift is it, with humour and depth, to remind people about this knowledge, that we all have inside us and to encourage you to live it.
Singing and Dancing for me are prayers to life and are the expression of pure joy of life."

possible elements are: conscious bodywork, meditation, healing toning, rhythm and melody games with voice and movement, Circle Singing

Carola Fürbaß

Carola Fürbaß 

is passionate singer and composer (word music, own style and improvisation) (CD release „Majela“ dez 2012)as well as a naturopath and healing artist. She attended the 3 years-course for wholistic voice and singing therapy at the ISGT Berlin.
With Tongala she developted as a wholistic healing art for unfolding your voice and your personality.
With alot of heart and humour she is leading singing circles and Tongala workshops in germany and switzerland for over 10 years and is on stage with her solo concert-performance „Encantar“.