Circle Songs with Anir Leben Tuning in. Arriving. Merging presences. Nurturing body through soul. Based on Mantras and Circle Songs around the Globe, I collected throughout my travels, it is a pleasure to share this treasure of our voices singing together! Yo! Om Namah Shivaya! About me: I‘m a musical oriented dancer and a dancing oriented musician and vocalist. When I dance, even without any sound, I get impulses for movement from inner melody or rhythm and from principles that i experience through music. There is loud and quiet, soft and rough, stillness and dynamic flow, pauses, up and down, contrast, harmony, dissonance, co-existence and and and... I graduated in dance, performance and improvisation at TIP Freiburg and before that studied Jazz-singing in Berlin for a while, when I fell in love with CI, which gave my life a new direction. Right now I’m mainly working in Berlin, teaching CI in the professional danceschool danceworks e.V., in workshops and classes and I’m hosting the scoreJAM Berlin. I started combining both passions in „DanSing Medicine“, a new format to embody the voice through movement and inspire the dance by using the voice. For more Info check: