Playshop Nature Improvisation

In this journey we will experience nature through an improvisation mode , there will be some exiting frames for movement and voice . It is the possibility to dance and sound in nature , empowered through the field of the group . Tune in and dive into the wonder of nature. with an improvised aloha Taro

Dance Improv impulsively & eavesdropping

Dance improvisation is a wonderful opportunity for self-inquiry.
In listening and sensing on the energy of the body, the thinking mind ,may step aside and the reflexes & the vitality of the organism can be shown in a playful way.
Whether you like delicate, gentle movement, or you want to dance ecstatically ...
In this playshop ,we will discover the solo, duo, trio and in the field of the whole group, the flavor of dance improvisation.
Elements of contact improvisation, autentic movement, Ausdruckstanz
and Contactango is flowing in.

Taro Tikitiki

Since the year 2000 integrated dance conductor (certificate CITA Munich), dancers and musicians on many jams and festivals,
Co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen Ritual, Rumble in the Jungle (Dance & Music ImproJam), ContacTango Improvisation in the Lachdach-Pling and ResonanceDanceCelebrations, member of the Soundmover Performance-group.

The music, dance and movement improvisation, is the leitmotif in my world of experience, on which I am experiencing the existence fresh and astonishing.