Playgroung Lab

We begin together and end together. We will not use words. We will play, interact, sound, move, compose, witness, be cheeky, silly, committed, crazy.. The floor will be our treasure map, with many different marked areas, or worlds, as one may describe them, all with their distinct scores. We have the possibility to enter these different worlds, exit or maybe get thrown out, and to return again. We have the possibility to challenge ourselves and others, take steps from the known to the unknown and back again. The table will be laid and ready. Take your place and we begin the game. Your game. Our game.

The rules of the map will be given in the beginning so lab requires that you arrive on time. Once it is in progress one may not enter. Welcome to immerse, loose and maybe find yourself in this amusement park of myriad possibilities!

OPTIONAL CLASS: CI and Individuation

What is the source of my movement? Am I aware of this? Are there different layers, different motivations? Can I surrender to the still unknown? Am I aware of my orientation? What about the others? What are my motivations to connect? Do I see and do I allow to be seen? If I am being witnessed, does my perception of myself change? If so, how? When I interact, do I find or lose myself in the contact? What is the degree of my relational differentiation; am I bound by norms, habits, and scripts or can I respond from the moment and trust my own and the unique expression of others? Can i simply acknowledge and accept where I am?

These are some questions that characterize the nature of this lab. Inspiration for this work is drawn from Jungian concept of individuation, Transparent communication, and other developmental theories. The lab is composed of experiential exploration, reflection and group sharing.

Samuli Lehesaari

I found my way to the sphere of CI in early 2000. I was deeply intrigued by the form from the first touch. In the last 15 years I have studied with different teachers, attended many festivals, and studied contemporary dance in Germany. Due to my background in psychology I have always being interested in the influence of CI and somatics on human developmental processes. This is an ongoing personal research and is also reflected in my teaching of CI. In addition to this, CI is for me an exceptionally novel and nourishing form of human communication and creative expression.

Since 2008 I have taught CI for various lenghts in local communities in Turku and Freiburg and in international festivals in Finland, Poland, and Sweden. I’m also one of the organisers of the Skiing on Skin festival in Finland.