A playful laborativ journey into the land of Reflexes and InterReActions.

Very often we have to do quick decissions in our dance and most of the time they can't be rational, but they have to be more like a reflex - for example if weight is falling on me I have to react in a certain way to protect myself; or if I'm bumping into s.o. I have to give in instantly to soften the crash; or if I balance s.o. as an underdancer my body has to understand the small movements and weight-transfers in order to support the overdancer....
With this class I like to open a playground where we can practice speed, because it's not just healthy to be fast with reactions, but it can also challenge our dances. When I feel, that you're*I'm able to react to my*your unpredictable movements, then we have more posibilities to create sth. new, adventurous our dance and to enhance reactions into INTERreACTIONS.

After a playful (re)activation of our reflexes through reaction games, we will do the transfer towards "interactive Contactmoves" which are leading us to an open playground where you can surprise yourself and your partners.

This class is for everybody who loves to play with speed and surpises.

Ria Rehfuß

Passionist in combining different kinds of art.
Freelance Dancer, Juggler & Musician, born in 1982 in Balingen, Germany.
She studied 7 years “Rhythmik” (Music&Movement) at the Musikhochschule Trossingen, Germany and degreed 2009 with the Master of Music&Movement. 2011 she graduated from the “North Karelia College of Outokumpu, Contemporary Dance School, Finland” and already since 2010 she’s a teacher at the “Hochschule für Musik, Trossingen” for Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, applied anatomy and movement research.
Beneath her own creations (choreography, improvisation, video art, piano gigs and street-performance) she’s working with (Dance-)Companies like “OffSpace” (Kassel, Germany) and “HeadFeetHands” (Freiburg, Germany).
2014 Ria started to work with Jérôme Thomas within his show “FoResT” as a dancer and juggler. After she took part in his creation “HIP 127 – La Constellation Des Cigognes” and “Magnetic”.
Further she worked with renowned personalities like Angie Hissel, Mary Bauermeister, Hans G Helms, Mark Coniglio and Henry Fourès.
Her passion for CI arised already during her studies and since 2002 she has been on several CI-Festivals, Jams and Workshops all over Europe.