Be - Let Go - Flow!

This workshop is an invitation for your whole Being to appear.
Starting with meditation, we acknowledge what is there within our body, our thoughts and our feelings and then find out what we can let go, supported by bodywork and the healing vibration of our own voice.
Letting go and letting happen can take you to inner and outer movement, resonating with your partner and being witnessed by your partner.
We explore how to be totally connected to your inner perceptions while being totally connected to your partner and eventually find those happy and peaceful moments when nothing needs to be done while everything can happen as it shows up by itself.

Nils Alf

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I grew up with music. Playing piano, singing, blowing the vacuum cleaner’s pipe… For more than 20 years I’m now focusing on woodwinds, namely saxes and clarinets.
My musical home is in improvised music, from contemporary conceptual music through world music, Jazz and electronic music to Funk.
My second passion is contact improvisation and along with that the interaction between dance and music. An interaction where both, music and dance, are listening to each other and the moment’s impulses.
An important part of my way as an artist is meditation and self exploration, this focus is, besides my music, the contribution I want to make to this dynamic field called contact improvisation!