Moving pictures

Is it possible to paint on the body of a person while he or she is moving?
And is ist possible to move while beeing painted on?
together we will see if and how this can work, and we will have a lot of fun in trying it.
So please wear clothes, which are allowed to get some colours :-)

Painting a round

painting together
maybe in a circle
maybe on a round tissue
creating a picture in common
while using your individual style
painting in a sense of togetherness

Lella-Elayla Heindl

born 6th of March 1970
I’ve been dancing regularly since 1987.
I like to associate Contact Improvisation with meditative mindfulness, maximum attentiveness and the pleasure in the distinct play of the dance.
My passion lies in exploring the energetic processes occurring before, during and after the dance.
Since 1984, I’ve been engaging myself in the fine arts, and since 1996 painting mandalas in various techniques has been one of my favourite ways of working.
To join these two passions – dancing and painting – is a particular joy to me, one that I gladly share with others!

Self-employed since 1995, teacher for holistic dance and movement pedagogy, part of Vimprodaco-Vienna Improvisation Dance Company, multimedia art therapist, Yoga teacher with a personal focus on Prana energy work; Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, energy worker, body worker, co-management at TAFF-Performance-Werkstatt, workshop performative dance theatre with the support of art therapy, various projects with upper secondary students at alternative schools, organising and teaching Contact Improvisation workshops, organising teachers trainings, co-organising contactfestivalvienna 2013***