Jump into contact

How can a joyful jump or an easy lift be incorporated in a flowing dance?
How do they work these jumps and lifts?
How can acrobatic or partnering movements happen without planning?
How can we surprise our partners without overstraining them?
Are you ready to surprise yourself?
In this workshop, we play with principles to discover simple acrobatic forms and strategies to integrate them in Contact Improvisation. The workshop is not about fancy acrobatics, but about the joy of finding ways to integrate jumps and lifts into the improvisation. This workshop is open to all levels.

Jo Bruhn (D)

is a performer, dancer, CI teacher, mover, festival organizer.
More than 10 years ago he met Contact Improvisation on his quest to find dance forms he
could combine with his fire shows. He was fascinated by the universe which unfolded to him
with countless layers to focus on. Especially the flowing way to deal with acrobatic skills and
the communication happening through bodies became an important part of his research and
To go beyond CI he took part in the Dance Intensive at Tanzfabrik Berlin. He has trained
extensively with Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Britta Pudelko, Andrew Harwood, Nita
Little, among many others.

“I like to surprise myself and others in my dance by spicing it up with spontaneity and a bit
of humour”.