Tuning Scores

“There are no images without participation…” -Lisa Nelson

In this workshop, we will practice the brilliant Tuning Scores. Originated by Lisa Nelson, the scores are a kaleidoscopic set of explorations that reveal how what we see is completely linked to how we see. The tuning scores offer a set of tools that can change how you make, perceive, and do, in any creative medium. Through the workshop, we will research our senses of imagination and our memory. We will move and watch movement. We will develop a bodily language. We will remap our senses and perceptions. We will experiment with timing, movement, touch, and verbal cues as ways to attune our desires and invoke the image space. And with this material, we will compose live art, together. The space of listening. Amidst the other activities of living, what awakens in us through Tuning is a vast sensibility of the space, the image space and one’s own spaciousness.

Irina Trippel