„Love in Contact – Contact in Love“

For couples!

How does your relationship influence your dance and how does your dance influence your relationship?
There is a particular kind of closeness and distance at play between the two lovers, so meeting each other in Contact Improvisation can also be an individual form of that play.
Trust, commitment and tolerance are some of the qualities that shape this personal connection.
We’d like to work with these topics during this workshop that is explicitly aimed at couples.
We will explore the ways in which the closeness of a couple can inform the shared dance.

Lella-Elayla Heindl, (AT) & Christoph Grupp, (DE)

got to know and soon learned to love each other at the Contact Festival in Glarisegg in 2011
We live our everyday lives in different countries and arrange ourselves around a long-distance relationship
As a monogamous couple in the Contact Impro scene we strive to consciously experience how this choice influences our relationship and to share these experiences with each other as honestly and thoughtfully as possible.
We’ve been giving workshops and organising trainings together since 2012