The power of YES

With the question: "What is nourishing and satisfying me", I often come to the point, that a clear commitment to myself and what I do plays an important role.
Finding an inner YES helps me to be truely on my own way.
The expression of a movement, which is arising of an inner acceptance, is radiating its energy and joy.
In this workshop I'd like to offer ways, create situations and structures where we can find the energy of this idea.
How do I feel the YES?
What is supporting the YES?

Christoph Grupp

Filled with gratitude about the pleasure my body has being in motion, I discovered Contact Improvisation years ago.
With the freedom I experience in CI, I find the joy of abandon, the intensive experience of merging with a dance partner or the music and the pure joy of playing or story-telling.
My interest follows the path of ease, coming from the lightness to engagement and back.
Inspired by teachers like Ray Chung, Peter Krempelsetzer, Sabine Parzer, Martin Keogh, Barbara Pfund, life and many other things, I approached movement techniques, improvisation, spirituality and physicality.
Beeing an engineer in physics where clear structures play a major role, in the dance I find the opening for the moment, the letting go of plans, the acceptance of the unforeseen and the enjoyment of timelessness.