Contact meets Tango! - "A passionate connection"

What happens when you bring together the absolutely free dance style of the contact improvisation with the tango that is so framed in form and attitude? What connects, what separates, what is to be found in both dances as basis? Both dance directions live from an intensive turn to contact (to move themselves, the floor, the space, the dance partner, the music, the desire ..)
We will get to know different contact, follow-up and leadership qualities and will playfully play on the carpet of the music. Sometimes more in the style of contact, sometimes more tango, sometimes the wonderful union of the two and create our own contact tango.

For Contango-lover and those who want to become still: all experience levels are welcome

Andrea Gröger

Dance has accompanied me all my life. I live with my 16-year-old daughter, I am a dance and ergotherapist, and I also create clothes that "embellish" our dance. For many years, the contact improvisation, the tango and the wonderful combination of these two movement languages ​​have given me a dancer's home. Since 2015, I taught contango and pass on my passion.