Spherical Space, Curved Time and other Spiraling Journeys

touching in an undercurve - berühren im landen
approaching on spiraling trajectories - sich in spiralen annaehern
accelerating in curves to meet - beschleunigt in kurven treffen
exploring micro movement - mikrobewegung erforschen
spine cradles - wirbelsäulen wiegen
bending perception - wahrnehmung biegen
swinging along possibilities - sich an möglichkeiten entlang schwingen
permeating layers - schichten durchdringen
undulating intentions - verwickelte Nervensysteme
entangled nervous systems - wellenfoermige Intentionen 
tangential passings - tangentiales passieren


Kira Kirsch

Kira Kirsch is a movement artist, community organizer, mother and initiater/curator born in East-Berlin. After many years abroad she now works and lives with her family in Berlin as residents of Lake Studios - an artist run dance, production and performance place.
​ ​
She is deeply invested into creating and shaping spaces for people to experience,learn about and sensitize their mind-body-movement continuum. She has pioneered, taught and continuously researched through the lens of the Axis Syllabus (AS) for over a decade, is a co-organiser of the Nomadic College at Earthdance, leads teacher laboratories and has build a community for AS research in the Bay Area, California from 2006 - 201​3​
. In 2014 she started co-curating a new annual dance festival called “SENSING IN” and is establishing a regular educational program​ for the AS​
under the ​umbrella
of Movement Artisans together with Antoine Ragot at Lake Studios.

She currently has a lectureship at the HZT University of Arts in Berlin and is invited to festivals and institutions such as Impulstanz/Austria, Ravnedans/Norway, TQW-Vienna or the Goa Contact Festival among many other as well as private initiatives of the grass root type.

Current projects are a short dance film "The Earth will Come" with film maker Katelyn Stiles and musician/poet Barnaby Tree, research within ensemble improvisation, somatic communication and her garden.