dancing- playing - flowing

We will discover the different colours of contactimprovisation. We will explore the dancing while we are connected to our partner(s) and research the liberated forces. With playful exercises and games we will work with our instincts and reflexes. Based on that we will find our flow in the dance. Building up on the basics of CI like sharing weight, rolling, perception,... we will research and experiment into the depth of CI. We will also touch themes like permeability and stability, upside down from the technical aspect and also improvise creatively with it. Dancing, playing with divers dynamics, combatively, playful, soft, rough – through all this colours we will dive.
Dancing together, improvising and having fun together are also a goal of this afternoon.
This workshop is for beginners and advanced contacters.

Muriel Jeanne Mollet

Muriel Jeanne Mollet CH is teacher at the Höheren Fachschule for contemporary and urban performing arts Zürich. She is working as a free lanced dance teacher, performer, instructor of Kampfesspiele® and water therapist. After her graduation as a pedagogue for dance & gymnastic (SBTG-Diplom 1989) she studied „Elementarer Tanz“ at the University of Sports Köln. She continued studying different dance- and improvisation techniques and martial arts (Capoeira, Shinson Hapkido and Escrima). She was founder and director of SURIEL dance theater (1993-97). For a long time she was a member of the research-, improvisation- & performance-group „x-group“. Performances with the Capoeira Show group and dancing in different dance productions guided her as a dancer through Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Brasil. Since 18 years she is teaching Contactimprovisation for different groups (dance-companies, disabled & normal people, +60, kids & teens,..). She will transfer her passion for Contactimprovisation in her teaching.

Joyful dancing, games, experimenting with movement and physical forces, discovering the extremes and limits, rhythm, music and flow are the most important in her teaching and dancing.