Kinetic Potential and Full Presence

Contact improvisation can be seen as a postmodern technique in which the dance is continuously being inspired by the direct physical connection between two or more bodies. It is characterized through an array of dynamics and qualities and not limited by aesthetics or shape. It is particularly intriguing that the movements aren’t being sourced from our creativity but rather from the physical communication with the partner(s). That’s what prevents this dance from becoming predictable or formulaic, it remains fresh and is actually improvised. And that’s also what these classes are about: We’ll acknowledge the participants’ possibilities, and we’ll try to be fully present in each situation. In addition to that, we’ll work on not letting our imaginations, wishes and ideas get the best of us. The amazing part is that this process of raising our awareness and recognizing the kinetic potential of the bodies’ constellations already comprises the dance. It doesn’t have to be fabricated. And therefore it naturally is meaningful for us and yet surprising. At last, when we allow our dance to spatially express itself, our possibilities multiply evidently, and it’ll be incredibly interesting for us to find out which journey our dance will embark us on.

Ralf Jaroschinski