Moving pictures

Is it possible to paint on the body of a person while he or she is moving?
And is ist possible to move while beeing painted on?
together we will see if and how this can work, and we will have a lot of fun in trying it.
So please wear clothes, which are allowed to get some colours :-)

Painting a round

painting together
maybe in a circle
maybe on a round tissue
creating a picture in common
while using your individual style
painting in a sense of togetherness

Lella-Elayla Heindl

born 6th of March 1970
I’ve been dancing regularly since 1987.
I like to associate Contact Improvisation with meditative mindfulness, maximum attentiveness and the pleasure in the distinct play of the dance.
My passion lies in exploring the energetic processes occurring before, during and after the dance.
Since 1984, I’ve been engaging myself in the fine arts, and since 1996 painting mandalas in various techniques has been one of my favourite ways of working.
To join these two passions – dancing and painting – is a particular joy to me, one that I gladly share with others!

Self-employed since 1995, teacher for holistic dance and movement pedagogy, part of Vimprodaco-Vienna Improvisation Dance Company, multimedia art therapist, Yoga teacher with a personal focus on Prana energy work; Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, energy worker, body worker, co-management at TAFF-Performance-Werkstatt, workshop performative dance theatre with the support of art therapy, various projects with upper secondary students at alternative schools, organising and teaching Contact Improvisation workshops, organising teachers trainings, co-organising contactfestivalvienna 2013***

Contact Tango

Contact Tango is an exploration of the encounter between two creative dance forms: contact improvisation and Argentine tango. By using principles of tango we enrich our contact improvisation dance. Contact Tango gives tools to connect with your dance partner in a different way, invites to play and gets new inspiration for our creativity. Let yourself being moved by the rhythms, melodies and energies of tango. No previous experience and fixed partner nessesary.

Fühlingstanz- wie lasse ich meinen Tanz aufblühen?

Lydia ist eine Tänzerin, die ihre Inspiration oft in der Natur findet. In diesem Workshop gebraucht sie Bilder aus der frühlinghaften Natur, die anregen zum Tanzen und Ausdruck verleihen. Wir lernen durch die Natur unterschiedliche Qualitäten von Bewegungen kennen. Wie können diese unterschiedlichsten Bewegungsdynamiken unseren Tanz bereichern? Wie kann ich meinen Tanzpartner/ meine Tanzpartnerin auf kreative Art inspirieren und zum Tanzen herauskitzeln wie der erste Sonnenstrahl im Frühling?

Springtime-dance! How do we flourish our dance?

Lydia as a dancer finds her inspiration to dance often in nature. In this workshop she uses images of the springtime nature to inspire and express our dance. Through nature we can learn to move in different movement qualities. How can this diverse movement dynamics enrich our dance? How can I inspire my dance partner in a creative way to dance together? How can I tickle my partner like the first sunray of springtime?

Lydia Müller 

Lydia Müller tanzt seit 15 Jahren als professionelle Tänzerin, Tanzpädagogin und Choreografin in den Niederlanden/ Amsterdam und im Ausland. Sie absolvierte ihren Bachelor in Dance in Education bei Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy. Seitdem trat sie mit unterschiedlichen professionellen Tanzcompanien, interaktiven Straßentheater-Gruppen und Community Art Projekten im In- und Ausland auf. Zusammen mit Ezequiel Sanucci gründete sie ihre eigene Contemporary Tango Companie „Tango Now“. Lydia choreografiert und tanzt ihre eigenen Kindertanztheater Stücke.

Neben ihrer Karriere als Tänzerin unterrichtet Lydia regelmässig Contact Tango, Contact Improvisation, Zeitgenössischen Tanz, Argentinischen Tango, Neo Tango, Afrikanischen Tanz und Yoga für unterschiedliche Altersstufen in den Niederlanden, Deutschland, Europa, Lateinamerika und Singapore. Sie ist Gründerin der CI Contact Zone Rotterdam, im Niederländischen CI-Lehrerteam engagiert und organisiert eigene „Wild & Still“ Tanz-Retreats .
Lydias Fähigkeit ist es, dich auf eine Reise der spielerischen Kreativität, des Bewegungsflusses und der Tanzfreude mitzunehmen.

Lydia Müller

Lydia Müller has been working since 15 years professionally as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer in Holland/Amsterdam and abroad. She received her diploma of dance in education at Codarts, Dance Academy Rotterdam and has been working since then in several professional dance companies, Community Art projects and interactive streettheater performances. She has been performing together with Ezequiel Sanucci with their own Contemporary Dance company “Tango Now”. Lydia is choreographing her own children dance theater performances.

Besides her carrier as a dancer, Lydia has been regularly teaching contact improvisation, contemporary dance, Argentine tango, contact tango, Neo tango, African dance and yoga to different age groups in the Netherlands, Germany, Europe, Latin America and Singapore. She is founder of the CI Contact Zone Rotterdam, member of the CI-teachers of the Netherlands and organizes her own dance retreats “Wild & Still”.
Lydia’s quality in teaching is to guide the whole group into a journey of creativity, playfulness and joy.

Contact Tango


„Are you with me?“

This class is about communication through touch in a CI-duet. We explore principles of leading and following by giving directions into the soft tissues of our partner´s body using a touch with the commitment to stay where it is. We focus on the different sensations of pulling and stretching as well as gliding and swimming underneath the skin as a base for communicating directions, change of direction and an option to offer counter direction.

We spend time on sensitizing our skin, the layers underneath the skin and their connections within the body to make them available for touch and permeable for impulses of a partner. We work with clear roles for some time, letting the roles dissolve later and then try out what happens if we are both just listening to the movement and to the proposed directions in the point of contact.

How much or how little pressure and tension is needed to make this fine way of communicating work? How can we become clear and precise in leading as well as in the listening? What can we learn from misunderstandings? How can the point of contact stay alive and receptive for directions when we share more weight?

We practice honest listening and working slowly. There will be solo explorations, partner exercises, time for dancing and verbal exchange.

All levels welcome.

Marielle Gerke

Marielle is born in Berlin, living in Witzenhausen near Kassel since 2010. There she discovered her passion for dancing – especially for Contact Improvisation in 2012. Since then she is continuously fascinated by this unique and exciting dance form. She loves the playfulness that lays in it and the diversity of movement options that become available when moving together with shared weight. For her is remarkable how clear nonverbal communication can become if both dance partners allow their bodies to truly fall into each other while listening to the proposed directions of movement under the skin. In her practice as a dancer and teacher the exploration of developmental movement patterns, principles of leading and following over the soft tissues of the body and water work are very useful and exciting. She is interested in exploring anatomical structures in hands on work and while dancing.
Teachers that she feels inspired and influenced by are mainly Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner, but also Kira Kirsch, Frey Faust, Bernd Knappe, Christoph Schütz, Roland Nordeck and her colleague Katja-Bahini Mangold. She has been studying with Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner in their Basic Training Programme in Tanzfabrik in Berlin for three years – one as participant and two as assistant. Since 2012 she organises the weekly Contact Impro Jam in Witzenhausen together with Katja-Bahini Mangold. Marielle teaches Contact Improvisation since 2015 in regular evening classes, different workshop-formats and on various Contact Impro festivals in Germany and Austria. Since 2016 she is also teaching in the school for contemporary dance Sozo visions in motion in Kassel and is involved in a couple of different performance projects. She started to investigate Axis Syllabus and Body-Mind-Centering which she would like to continue and deepen in the future.

Be - Let Go - Flow!

This workshop is an invitation for your whole Being to appear.
Starting with meditation, we acknowledge what is there within our body, our thoughts and our feelings and then find out what we can let go, supported by bodywork and the healing vibration of our own voice.
Letting go and letting happen can take you to inner and outer movement, resonating with your partner and being witnessed by your partner.
We explore how to be totally connected to your inner perceptions while being totally connected to your partner and eventually find those happy and peaceful moments when nothing needs to be done while everything can happen as it shows up by itself.

Nils Alf

Aktuelle Projekte:,,

I grew up with music. Playing piano, singing, blowing the vacuum cleaner’s pipe… For more than 20 years I’m now focusing on woodwinds, namely saxes and clarinets.
My musical home is in improvised music, from contemporary conceptual music through world music, Jazz and electronic music to Funk.
My second passion is contact improvisation and along with that the interaction between dance and music. An interaction where both, music and dance, are listening to each other and the moment’s impulses.
An important part of my way as an artist is meditation and self exploration, this focus is, besides my music, the contribution I want to make to this dynamic field called contact improvisation!

A playful laborativ journey into the land of Reflexes and InterReActions.

Very often we have to do quick decissions in our dance and most of the time they can't be rational, but they have to be more like a reflex - for example if weight is falling on me I have to react in a certain way to protect myself; or if I'm bumping into s.o. I have to give in instantly to soften the crash; or if I balance s.o. as an underdancer my body has to understand the small movements and weight-transfers in order to support the overdancer....
With this class I like to open a playground where we can practice speed, because it's not just healthy to be fast with reactions, but it can also challenge our dances. When I feel, that you're*I'm able to react to my*your unpredictable movements, then we have more posibilities to create sth. new, adventurous our dance and to enhance reactions into INTERreACTIONS.

After a playful (re)activation of our reflexes through reaction games, we will do the transfer towards "interactive Contactmoves" which are leading us to an open playground where you can surprise yourself and your partners.

This class is for everybody who loves to play with speed and surpises.

Ria Rehfuß

Passionist in combining different kinds of art.
Freelance Dancer, Juggler & Musician, born in 1982 in Balingen, Germany.
She studied 7 years “Rhythmik” (Music&Movement) at the Musikhochschule Trossingen, Germany and degreed 2009 with the Master of Music&Movement. 2011 she graduated from the “North Karelia College of Outokumpu, Contemporary Dance School, Finland” and already since 2010 she’s a teacher at the “Hochschule für Musik, Trossingen” for Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, applied anatomy and movement research.
Beneath her own creations (choreography, improvisation, video art, piano gigs and street-performance) she’s working with (Dance-)Companies like “OffSpace” (Kassel, Germany) and “HeadFeetHands” (Freiburg, Germany).
2014 Ria started to work with Jérôme Thomas within his show “FoResT” as a dancer and juggler. After she took part in his creation “HIP 127 – La Constellation Des Cigognes” and “Magnetic”.
Further she worked with renowned personalities like Angie Hissel, Mary Bauermeister, Hans G Helms, Mark Coniglio and Henry Fourès.
Her passion for CI arised already during her studies and since 2002 she has been on several CI-Festivals, Jams and Workshops all over Europe.

Playgroung Lab

We begin together and end together. We will not use words. We will play, interact, sound, move, compose, witness, be cheeky, silly, committed, crazy.. The floor will be our treasure map, with many different marked areas, or worlds, as one may describe them, all with their distinct scores. We have the possibility to enter these different worlds, exit or maybe get thrown out, and to return again. We have the possibility to challenge ourselves and others, take steps from the known to the unknown and back again. The table will be laid and ready. Take your place and we begin the game. Your game. Our game.

The rules of the map will be given in the beginning so lab requires that you arrive on time. Once it is in progress one may not enter. Welcome to immerse, loose and maybe find yourself in this amusement park of myriad possibilities!

OPTIONAL CLASS: CI and Individuation

What is the source of my movement? Am I aware of this? Are there different layers, different motivations? Can I surrender to the still unknown? Am I aware of my orientation? What about the others? What are my motivations to connect? Do I see and do I allow to be seen? If I am being witnessed, does my perception of myself change? If so, how? When I interact, do I find or lose myself in the contact? What is the degree of my relational differentiation; am I bound by norms, habits, and scripts or can I respond from the moment and trust my own and the unique expression of others? Can i simply acknowledge and accept where I am?

These are some questions that characterize the nature of this lab. Inspiration for this work is drawn from Jungian concept of individuation, Transparent communication, and other developmental theories. The lab is composed of experiential exploration, reflection and group sharing.

Samuli Lehesaari

I found my way to the sphere of CI in early 2000. I was deeply intrigued by the form from the first touch. In the last 15 years I have studied with different teachers, attended many festivals, and studied contemporary dance in Germany. Due to my background in psychology I have always being interested in the influence of CI and somatics on human developmental processes. This is an ongoing personal research and is also reflected in my teaching of CI. In addition to this, CI is for me an exceptionally novel and nourishing form of human communication and creative expression.

Since 2008 I have taught CI for various lenghts in local communities in Turku and Freiburg and in international festivals in Finland, Poland, and Sweden. I’m also one of the organisers of the Skiing on Skin festival in Finland.

Playshop Nature Improvisation

In this journey we will experience nature through an improvisation mode , there will be some exiting frames for movement and voice . It is the possibility to dance and sound in nature , empowered through the field of the group . Tune in and dive into the wonder of nature. with an improvised aloha Taro

Dance Improv impulsively & eavesdropping

Dance improvisation is a wonderful opportunity for self-inquiry.
In listening and sensing on the energy of the body, the thinking mind ,may step aside and the reflexes & the vitality of the organism can be shown in a playful way.
Whether you like delicate, gentle movement, or you want to dance ecstatically ...
In this playshop ,we will discover the solo, duo, trio and in the field of the whole group, the flavor of dance improvisation.
Elements of contact improvisation, autentic movement, Ausdruckstanz
and Contactango is flowing in.

Taro Tikitiki

Since the year 2000 integrated dance conductor (certificate CITA Munich), dancers and musicians on many jams and festivals,
Co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen Ritual, Rumble in the Jungle (Dance & Music ImproJam), ContacTango Improvisation in the Lachdach-Pling and ResonanceDanceCelebrations, member of the Soundmover Performance-group.

The music, dance and movement improvisation, is the leitmotif in my world of experience, on which I am experiencing the existence fresh and astonishing.

Circle Songs with Anir Leben Tuning in. Arriving. Merging presences. Nurturing body through soul. Based on Mantras and Circle Songs around the Globe, I collected throughout my travels, it is a pleasure to share this treasure of our voices singing together! Yo! Om Namah Shivaya! About me: I‘m a musical oriented dancer and a dancing oriented musician and vocalist. When I dance, even without any sound, I get impulses for movement from inner melody or rhythm and from principles that i experience through music. There is loud and quiet, soft and rough, stillness and dynamic flow, pauses, up and down, contrast, harmony, dissonance, co-existence and and and... I graduated in dance, performance and improvisation at TIP Freiburg and before that studied Jazz-singing in Berlin for a while, when I fell in love with CI, which gave my life a new direction. Right now I’m mainly working in Berlin, teaching CI in the professional danceschool danceworks e.V., in workshops and classes and I’m hosting the scoreJAM Berlin. I started combining both passions in „DanSing Medicine“, a new format to embody the voice through movement and inspire the dance by using the voice. For more Info check:

What I love most in C.I. is the freedom of composition, arising anew each moment, re-discovery of the body-soul continuum , and the sweet quality of conscious flowing touch.
As a saxophonist I love transforming movement into sound, and to make sounds and melodies available to the field as a challenge and an inspiration.
Music can become another contact medium.
As a trained osteopath I habe been exploring the art of embodiment for quite a while now.

Music is a medium to express feelings, where words fall short. When we hear sounds, we can get in touch with inner sensations, that are not always available in our daily life.
To open these acoustic realms has become very important for me in my professional work as a violinteacher, musictherapist and freelance musician. In the playground of contactimprovisation I love to experiment with these qualities of touchability.